Respect towards Opponents
• Treat opponents with due respect at all times
• Safe guard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and
rough play, and always help injured players.

Respect towards the match officials
• Accept the decision of the match official without protest
• Show respect towards match official
• Only allow captain to discuss and approach the referee during
and after matches

Represent the Club
• Away from games and training, always promote the club in a
good positive way
• Respect the club and to keep club related issues in house
• Not to slander the club
• Support the clubs fundraising program
• To attend any club meetings that are requested of you i.e.
classroom training sessions, players meetings, AGM

Committee’s Duties to Players
• To better the Hornets Football Club In all areas
• To provide football for all of its members
• To provide a balanced structured club to all
• To always act in the best interests of all
• To be welcoming to all that wish to attend and voice there opinion

Obligations towards training and games
• Make every effort to develop your footballing abilities in terms of
skill, tactics and stamina both during and outside of training
• Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance
during training and matches
• Set a positive example for others
• Avoid all forms of unsporting behavior i.e. diving, time wasting,
play acting
• Always have regard to the best interests of the game, including
where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any
particular aspect including others involved in the game.
• Not to use inappropriate language or threatening behavior
• To abide by the managers, coaches or captains instructions
provided they do not contradict with the spirit of this code.
• Not to be under the influence of narcotics, Mood enhancing
substances or performance enhancing drugs before, during or after
any training or games.
• To respect all the clubs training and match day equipment and to
use in the correct manner
• Any football kit lost, will be repurchased by the squad that played
• To accept the clubs subscription policy
• To pay training and match subscriptions, fines and miscellaneous
fee’s on time

Obligations towards the team and your team-mates
• Make every effort consistent with fair play and the laws of the
game to help his own team win
• Resist any influence which might, or might not be seen to bring into
question his commitments to the team winning
• Support, encourage and motivate fellow team mates, never
discourage, abuse or verbally berate.
• Help improve and better the team in all that you do

Upon signing for the Hornets Football Club, you hereby agree to
all the elements listed in the code of conduct.