Congratulations to Mark Underhill for making his one hundredth appearance for Hornets FC this past Sunday.

The game may have been one of the worst Hornets performances of all time, but that won’t mar an otherwise almost impeccable record for Unders.

Mark joined the Hornets back in 2009 and out of his 100 appearances for the club, 81 of them have been in the starting eleven. One of his most prolific matches was against Droitwich RBL back in 2011 when Unders netted four of the eight goals in the game. Usually that sort of performance would net you the man of the match, but in a game that was overshadowed by Neil Brazier getting his first Hornets goal, it was actually Jenko that took the golden cup.

In his four years in the Yellow and Black he has spent nearly 125 hours on the pitch. One of the fittest members of the squad, he adores the cooper test and looks like he’ll be earning his space in the squad for another four years. Such a talented footballer Unders has passed the torch onto his son Dylan, who hopefully will follow in the veins of his father and become a Hornets legend.

Congratulations Mark, thanks for the football!

You can view his full profile here.

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