Dear all Hornets members,

It is with some deep regret that we must inform you that as of this moment, the Reserve team setup at the Hornets shall be indefinitely suspended at shall not be playing in the forthcoming Worcester District League 2014/2015 season. It has become apparent over the past 12 months, that with the ever changing football landscape in Worcester, it has become too strenuous a task and also a logistical burden to continue the setup with the resources we have at our disposal.

As mentioned in previous posts via social media sites, constant mentioning of members attitude, commitment to club standards and general availability have all ultimately been the final breaking points in the reserves short but bright history.

As mentioned, we do see this as a suspension, rather than a eliminating of the reserves and should the time arise where we feel that we have the key personnel, playing staff and resources at our disposal, we shall look to reinstate the reserves.

Maintaining the Hornets message is key. Since 1999, the Hornets have striven to be the bar in which to attain in regards to how clubs should approach football and all things surrounding that very premise. A desire to be better, to work harder and to be a part of something more than your typical Sunday morning team has always been the key. Hornets will always be a home for those wanting to earn their place, willing to go that extra mile and accepting of club standards that make our club the envy of so many others.

I understand that some of you may have already signed on with the notion of playing in the reserves this coming season. If this announcement should change your position regards wanting to be at the club, we shall happily reimburse you your signing on fee. We hope that this announcement, no matter how disappointing, does not deter you from being a Hornet and in fact reinforces our motivation and ambition to develop players and put the hardest working 18 out on a field each match day.

We are the Hornets, United, Proud and Respecting of the badge, it’s members, it’s beliefs and it’s determination.

Warmest Regards

Richard Bryan
Co-Founder & Chairman

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