Hornets Football Club Awards Evening 2016 was held at The Pheasant in Worcester this past Saturday night. Many thanks are sent to Ashley Dipple for arranging the venue and putting on some food and specialty drink selection.

The first awards of the night were for most appearances and three medals were awarded. Two 50 cap medals went to Nick Garth and Jez Holt, whilst 100 caps went to the retiring utility man, Dan Hollings.




After last season’s less than stellar performance on the goal-scoring front, it was obvious that beating the high bar of 5 goals set by Diesel wouldn’t be hard to top. Clocking up 15 goals, the award, presented by last years winner after a motivational speech, went to Tom Marchment Williams.


The next award was for Alessio Adorisio Young Player of the Year. This trophy, held by Hornets legends of the past including Dan’s Hollings and Burden, went this year to George Brand for his continual development and increasing work ethic over the season.


The Mikey Burke Unsung Hero award is for the person who has shown dedication and passion over the year, maybe not starting every game, maybe not selected every week but who turns up and is a loyal, dedicated voice. The winner was Joe Alsopp.


There was some slight confusion of the next awards, Mark Walker clearly having had too much to drink got the names of the awards confused but we can confirm all the correct names and winners here. The Manager’s Player of the Year, for listening and responding to instructions, to never giving up and getting stuck in, went to Graeme Routledge who was not present to accept his award on the night.


The Clubman of the Year award was given to Kerry Mayne this year for all her hard work and dedication behind the scenes, attending meetings, dealing with subs and the FA. The Hornets really wouldn’t be here without her.


The Players Player of the Year award is the award that is voted for all season by the man-of-the-match voting system. Tallied up over the course of the season, the player with the most votes gets this award. The winner, and accepting his second award of the evening, George Brand.


Another great evening and congratulations to all winners.

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