As another day dawns we find ourselves in the month of July. July!

Pre-Season training starts in two weeks and as it nears so the wings of the rumour mill begin to turn. Who will be at the club next season? Will manager Mark Walker perform any big summer signings? Who will be head coach and what direction will the club take this season?

But the question everyone wants answering is, will Ashley Dipple sign on again? There are two camps surrounding the Dipple saga, those that really don’t want to re-sign him and those that really really don’t want to re-sign him. Which side are you on?

What’s been happening in your summer? Has Rick Holloway convinced the gambling commission to allow betting on Sunday League Football? Has Brian’s hair transplant surgery been a success? Will Jenko and Shane have found another candy crush addiction?

All these will be answered when Hornets resume pre-season training on July 13th.