Both Hornets teams suffered defeats this weekend, both losing 5-1 to their opposition. The Reserves fell to Talbot at their temporary home of Diglis whilst the first team traveled to Northwick Lodge to face VBL Sports and suffered more heartbreak when only goalkeeping option, Neil Brazier, was sent off.

Having already made a clanger in the first half to concede a sloppy goal, Brazier came a long way out of goal to try and clear a ball that had beaten the defence. The VBL striker was too quick for Brazier though, taking the ball but being taken out by Brazier who blocked his path and denied him a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

Brazier will now face suspension from the club which doesn’t help his chances to earn his spot nor the team who are still a couple of numbers light on the ground.

Both Hornets sides need to find the resolve to turn this season around and quickly.

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