The Hornets were founded by Rich Bryan back in 1999 and since then he has always been the player to hold the most caps in Hornets history. But with the Chairman taking a sabbatical out in America for the best part of two seasons, it has given opportunity for others to get close to his tally.

Now, another Hornets original has become the player to make the most appearances for the club, currently with 175 (and counting). Also the clubs top goalscorer – helped by his four goals at the weekend – David Jenkinson has become the player to don the Yellow and Black the most.

When asked for comment, Dave said:

Sorry Rich, no longer will we see your ugly mug on the front of the website.


One thought on “Dave Jenko Smashes Record

  1. Yes braizer yes!! Diesel is top scorer though, won’t be Long till all you see is Jenko on the records page, all I need to do is drop greener

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