What Is Futsal? : Tekkers

One of the biggest differences between Futsal and football is the weight and size of the ball. This allows players greater control and leads to some incredible technique. We’ve talked before about how Futsal grew up on the streets of South America, this is the reason the Brazil national football team is so skilful. They […]

What Is Futsal? : The History

Straight from The FA: Keen to emphasise the South American roots of a sport that the likes of Ronaldo, Denilson and Roberto Carlos all grew up playing, Futsal was the name chosen by FIFA for the only version of five-aside football that it supports, when it took over as the governing body of the sport […]

What Is Futsal?

The Hornets and Futsal go together like butter and toast. Hornets were one of the first clubs in Worcester to embrace Futsal and have a specialised coaching session on it. They were also runners up in the first Worcester Futsal league, where Hornets goalkeeper, Neil Brazier, was awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy thanks to […]