The Draw

The draw will take place at The Chequers either at the monthly committee meeting or if no committee meeting is on, the last match of the month. The two winning numbers will be drawn by neutrals in the pub that have no affiliation with the club. This is to make it absolutely fair.

The Numbers

Below are the ball numbers for the 2015 / 2016 season. Find your number and see if you’re a winner! All winners will be notified by email and this page will be updated with any results from all 100 Club draws.

Ball Number Ball Owner Player Sold By Winner?
1 Dan Burdon Dan Burdon
2 Ben Runham Ben Runham
3 Mike Lloyd Mike Lloyd
4 Mark Walker Mark Walker
5 Michelle Barrett Aaron Brewer
6 Katie hooper Dan Burdon
7 Sarah Ruff Lee Ruff
8 Ben Runham Ben Runham
9 Thomas Doughty Thomas Doughty
10 Mike Lloyd Mike Lloyd
11 Nick Garth Nick Garth
12 Graeme Routledge Graeme Routledge
13 Craig Johnson Craig Johnson
14 Steve Bosworth Shane Bosworth
15 David Shilson Matt Jacklin
16 Mike Lloyd Mike Lloyd
17 christine bonney Chris Madden
18 Nick Garth Nick Garth
19 Steve Knight Steve Knight
20 Nick Garth Nick Garth
21 Tony walker Graeme Routledge
22 Ashley Dipple Ashley Dipple
23 emma dixon Phil Shore
24 Geoff hook Graeme Routledge
25 Joe Allsopp Joe Allsopp
26 Eve Lavell Brian Lavell
27 Ben Powell Ben Powell
28 Max Burdon Dan Burdon
29 Charlotte Kennedy Aaron Brewer
30 Gill Jacklin Matt Jacklin
31 mandy bosworth Shane Bosworth
32 ruth bonney Chris Madden
33 Shane Bosworth Shane Bosworth
34 Ashley Dipple Ashley Dipple
35 Graeme Routledge Graeme Routledge
36 Martin Walker Mark Walker
37 jacqui kilburn Phil Shore
38 Phil Shore Phil Shore
39 Brenda Goulding Rikki Potter
40 Justine Walker Mark Walker
41 Ashley Dipple Ashley Dipple
42 Thomas Doughty Thomas Doughty
43 Lee Ruff Lee Ruff
44 Tom Eggett Tom Eggett
45 Joe Allsopp Joe Allsopp
46 Ben Runham Ben Runham
47 A.Morris Rikki Potter
48 Matt Jacklin Matt Jacklin
49 rachel shore Phil Shore
50 Mike Lloyd Mike Lloyd
51 Hannah Brewer Aaron Brewer
52 Alyssia Hooper Dan Burdon
53 Craig Johnson Craig Johnson
54 Brian Lavell Brian Lavell
55 Milly Graeme Routledge
56 Thomas Doughty Thomas Doughty
57 Nick Garth Nick Garth
58 Eddie Ruff Lee Ruff
59 Paul Eggett Tom Eggett
60 Ann Hooper Steve Knight
61 Aaron Brewer Aaron Brewer
62 Kat Gullick Steve Knight
63 Kate Wood Tom Eggett
64 Kingsley Graeme Routledge
65 Matt Jacklin Matt Jacklin
66 Joe Allsopp Joe Allsopp
67 carol madden Chris Madden
68 Aaron Brewer Aaron Brewer
69 Thomas Doughty Thomas Doughty
70 Ashley Dipple Ashley Dipple
71 Dan Burdon Dan Burdon
72 Anglea Barrett Aaron Brewer
73 Phil Shore Phil Shore
74 Aidan Graeme Routledge
75 chris madden Chris Madden
76 Joe Allsopp Joe Allsopp
77 Luke Walker Mark Walker
78 Ben Powell Ben Powell
79 Rikki Potter Rikki Potter
80 Tom Eggett Tom Eggett
81 Geoff hook Graeme Routledge
82 Helen Knight Steve Knight
83 Ben Runham Ben Runham
84 Rikki Potter Rikki Potter
85 Shane Bosworth Shane Bosworth
86 Claire Knights Matt Jacklin
87 Fearn Lavell Brian Lavell
88 Brian Lavell Brian Lavell

If you’d like to enter The 100 Club simply contact us by clicking here.